• Cooling solutions for them summer days
  • Heating solutions for those winter nights
  • Perfect home or office temperature guaranteed
We not only repair air conditioning but install it; we can help with products and sales should you need that new system.
From condos to houses we work in any residential setting to repair that heating and air conditioning unit.
No commercial job is too big or small; we work in a multitude of businesses to provide comfort to your staff and clients with clean, cool air.

Hesd Air Conditioning Chatsworth

Some air conditioning companies take time to get to you because they are very understaffed, that is not the case with Hesd Air Conditioning Chatsworth. We have a team of about 30 employees working in service, repair and installation in the Chatsworth area.

All of these staff members have award winning skills that not only provide quality service to our clients but technical follow up support should you require it. All our staff members carry well stocked vans with parts and spares to fix any AC unit there and then. In the rare occasion the engineer does not have the part in the van one of the other techs will be able to drive it over to them.

We know some places work on a 24 hour basis, places like fast food restaurants, hospitals, gas stations and supermarkets. And the heating or air conditioning can go down at anytime; we have on call team members that can come out to you at any time of night to fix a problem. If it’s that important and you needed it fixed as soon as possible then we can help you out.

Our business makes sure all our staff members are continually trained on the latest air conditioning products and heating systems. We send them away to the manufactures head office to learn about new cooling and heating techniques. As technology evolves so do our staff, you want the latest installed if you are buying a system because these new systems are the most economical to run.

Should you be interested in looking to install an air conditioning unit or full system then have one of our team members come and give you a price on some different brand options. With a large range of stock available we can pick the system that would suit ones home or business best.


  • 24 hour AC repair callout service
  • Air Conditioning Sales
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Home heating repair
  • Commercial air conditioning repair
  • Technical support


  • Kelly. L
    "I had a very positive experience in dealing with Hesd Air Conditioning Chatsworth, my heating was repaired with no hassle and the follow up service call was a nice touch."
  • Terry Rodgers
    "My wife and I had a new air conditioning system installed in our place, the whole sales process was smooth and the crew did a great job of installing and explaining all the functions with our new system, cheers."
  • L. Blair
    "My air conditioning system kept breaking down so I decided to call this company instead of the other one I was dealing with before. The guy who came out was very knowledgeable and told me the other guy that was fixing the system kept installing used parts hence the continued breakdowns. He ordered a brand new part and I have yet to need to call them back, at last a great company to deal with."
  • Landon Friar
    "Hesd Air Conditioning Chatsworth are super easy to deal with and the service contract to maintain my heating and AC unit is great. I have yet to have anything go wrong with it and I always get the same technician come to service the system so I am more than happy with using this business."